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Derrick Rose's Wife Aliana Anderson Reacts To The Rumors Of Him Joining The Lakers

(via Detroit Free Press)

(via Detroit Free Press)

A couple of days ago, the news broke that the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons could once again engage in trade talks around Derrick Rose, as the former MVP would welcome a move to the defending NBA Champions and a reunion with LeBron James.

As we previously reported, an unnamed executive reached out to Sean Deveney of Heavy to discuss the possibility of Rose joining the purple-and-gold, claiming that's very likely to happen after failing to get it done last season:

"You know, the Lakers wanted to be involved in case the Clippers got involved or someone else, the Bucks or the Nuggets, whoever. So there was interest but not too serious. Now, everything has shifted a little. Now, they’re both in a position to where a deal is much more likely now," the executive said.

Now, however, it seems like his wife Aliana Anderson isn't so sure about that potential trade, as she took it to Instagram to laugh it off on a post by Bleacher Report:

Maybe, Anderson is just laughing at the constant trade rumors and new surrounding her significant other, maybe she's laughing because they caught him and that's exactly what's going to happen, or maybe she knows that there's just no way on earth that a deal falls through.

Apparently, the Lakers reached out to the Pistons midseason to inquire about his availability, partly because they wanted him but mostly because they didn't want him ending up with the Los Angeles Clippers or Milwaukee Bucks.

However, The Detroit Pistons weren't interested in the Lakers' offer involving Alex Caruso and Draft picks, which turned out great for LA considering how well Caruso performed in the playoffs. Now, whether the former Rookie of the Year will join the reigning Champions or not is yet to be seen.