Derrick Williams Says Zion Williamson Is A Mix Of LeBron, Pippen And Tony Allen

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Derrick Williams Says Zion Williamson Is A Mix Of LeBron, Pippen And Tony Allen

The hype around college sensation Zion Williamson is real. The Duke Blue Devils star is not only expected to be the top prospect in this year’s NBA Draft Class but also one of the most unique athletes that the league will ever see.

NBA forward Derrick Williams believes that not only does he take after some of LeBron James’s talents, he also is a mix of Scottie Pippen and Tony Allen.

“He gets in the passing lanes like Scottie Pippen, being able to jump through the lanes,” said Williams, according to Dionysius Aravantinos of “He’s a mixture of three players. He’s a LeBron-ish type of athlete, Scottie Pippen in the passing lanes, Tony Allen on defense. He will be a very good player, I’m excited to see how he does.”

Williams is also under the belief that Williamson is a generational type of talent overall considering his body size and comparison.

“He’s a unique player. For somebody that’s 6’6”, 6’7” and 280 pounds, he’s so explosive,” said Williams. “He could definitely be one of those generational type of players that people look up to. I think that he has the potential to have that. He’s a really good defensive player. That’s what people don’t really talk about. He gets in the passing lanes really well. It’s a little difficult to pin-point how he plays and who we could compare him to. Yeah… he has the explosiveness like LeBron; not to many people can jump while running full speed like that. LeBron developed his jump-shot, coming off the dribble and shooting, nailing the three-pointers. It’s going to be interesting to watch what levels of his game he’s going to have after Duke.”

There aren’t many big men like Zion that can be so athletic and explosive, this is one of the main reasons that he is always compared to LeBron James. The Four-time MVP is arguably the greatest athlete the NBA has ever seen and it goes a long way in making him one of the best of all time.

To be compared to what many believe the greatest of all time is something that must be difficult and stressful for a young man who still hasn’t entered the league yet.

Zion Williamson is averaging 22.1 points, 8.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game while shooting an incredible 69.3 percent from the floor in his freshman season with Duke.