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Desmond Bane Claims That Stephen Curry Is The Only Shooter Better Than Him In The NBA

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Desmond Bane is one of the best young shooting guards in the league. He has improved massively from his rookie season, and he has been the Memphis Grizzlies' second-leading scorer during the playoffs. Desmond Bane has had a stellar playoff run thus far, averaging 19.4 PPG, 4.0 RPG, and 1.8 APG, while shooting a ridiculous 45.3% from 3PT range on 8 attempts a game.

There is no doubt that Desmond Bane's shooting numbers suggest that he is one of the best shooters in the league. His ability to move off the ball is elite, and he can hit a diverse array of shots from range as well. Like most shooters, Desmond Bane is confident in his ability. When speaking to Michael Pina of Sports Illustrated, Desmond Bane claimed that the only shooter better than him in the league is Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

When asked how many three-point shooters are better than him right now, Bane has a quick reply. “Steph Curry.”

Anyone else?

“Other than that, you’re gonna have to show me,” he tells Sports Illustrated, leaning back in a courtside seat. “Steph deserves his flowers, and Klay Thompson, I mean, he’s come back from injury. But outside of that I want to be looked at and talked about in the same conversation as those guys. … That’s what I’m striving for.”

There are definitely other good shooters in the league. However, Desmond Bane has been stellar from beyond the arc this season, and he is certainly in the conversation with other elite shooters. He's not necessarily close to being Stephen Curry, as Curry is in a class of his own. However, Bane should be a top-tier marksman for years to come.

As of now, Desmond Bane's goal will be to help the Memphis Grizzlies advance to the Western Conference Finals. Some believe that Ja Morant can lead them all the way to the NBA Finals, but he'll definitely need his right-hand man in Desmond Bane to do so.