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Detroit Pistons Legend Isiah Thomas On Los Angeles Clippers: "I Don’t Know If They’re Going To Be Able To Bounce Back Emotionally From What Happened To Them Last Year."

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(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

The Los Angeles Clippers collapse last year was something that fans will not forget for a long time. They went up 3-1, and put their foot off the pedal, thinking that they were going to coast into the Western Conference Finals. However, Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets put a stop to that and came back from a 3-1 deficit to stun one of the favorites for the NBA championship. That type of loss often lingers in the memory of those who suffered it.

After yesterday's debacle with the Dallas Mavericks, there is no doubt that the Los Angeles Clippers have a lot to work on for the future. While their roster was missing Kawhi Leonard, that is no excuse to lose by 51 points. Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas thinks it might have something to do with their mental state after their debilitating loss in the second round.

The Los Angeles Clippers had an awful game, but it's only one game. They are still one of the teams that is most likely to win a championship this season. But Thomas may have a point. Those types of heartbreaking losses are burned into fans' memories; imagine what it must feel like for players. The Los Angeles Clippers need to shake it off and carry on to be a contender. If they can't get over their last playoff series loss, it'll be harder for them to win the next series they play in.

The Los Angeles Clippers should bounce back nicely. Aside from the Mavericks game, Paul George has been very good, and Kawhi Leonard is still himself. They should have a good chance to compete with the heavyweights in the Western Conference.