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Devin Booker Already Had More Coaches Than Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade And Other Superstars

Devin Booker Already Had More Coaches Than Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade And Other Superstars

The Phoenix Suns haven’t exactly had the greatest run over the last few years, not only in trying to win games but also in keeping coaches around.

The trend has continued on Monday night with the Suns firing Igor Kokoskov, their fourth coach in just four years. It sure is an incredible yet disappointing trend for the Suns who are still struggling at the bottom end of the Western Conference.

However, the biggest and most eye-opening statistic of this all may be this involving young star, Devin Booker.

The 22-year-old entered the NBA just four years ago in 2015, he will soon be moving on to his fifth coach, a new coach every year. Booker started with the end of Jeff Hornacek’s tenure, followed by Earl Watson, Jay Triano and finally Kokoškov.

For such a young developing player, it sure is tough to be going through such a constant change with no end in sight.

It isn’t a common thing for players to be dealing with at all, and when you compare Booker’s career so far with Coaches to some of the all-time greats of the game, it truly is mind-blowing.

Here are some of the greatest players in the league who have had the same amount or fewer coaches than what Booker has had so far in his short career, according to SB Nation.

Dirk Nowitzki: 21 seasons, 3 coaches.

Tim Duncan: 19 seasons, 1 coach.

John Stockton: 19 seasons, 2 coaches.

Dwyane Wade: 16 seasons, 5 coaches.

Michael Jordan: 15 seasons, 4 coaches.

Bill Russell: 13 seasons, 2 coaches (including himself).

Devin Booker: 4 seasons, 4 coaches.

Some positive news for Booker at least is that he is well behind the clubhouse leader, Jamal Crawford, who has had an incredible 19 Head Coaches over his 19 seasons in the league. However, it’s so rare for someone like Booker who hasn’t moved from team to team, he’s been a part of the Suns his entire career so far.

For his sake and the Suns sake, let’s hope that the new coach coming in will have a lot more luck with coaching the franchise.