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Devin Booker Defends Teammate Tyler Ulis In Massive 2017 Elevator Brawl


A security camera video obtained by TMZ shows former Suns guard Tyler Ulis and current superstar Devin Booker getting tangled in a fight over an elevator incident in Tempe, Arizona on the 26th of May, 2017.

The fight begins with Ulis, who looks to be holding the elevator for his friends. The other group shown in the elevator approaches Ulis and the group exchange words before the men start to board the elevator. They didn’t like the idea of Ulis holding up the elevator and took offense to it. Ulis then appears to push one of the men who were in his face which started the scuffle. The former Suns' guard is then put in a headlock as the fight spills out to the hallway.

As the footage goes on, Ulis can be seen defending himself by throwing punches at his attackers before teammate Booker, wearing a bandanna over his face, and two other men arrive on the scene. The video continues into the lobby where another man in the Suns' group punches one of the attackers before Ulis and Booker help chase the men out of the lobby. It appears that Booker didn’t do much significant harm as he was defending Ulis from a 4-against-1 attack and chasing them away from the scene.

This offseason, the Suns waived Tyler Ulis on June 30 to make more room under the salary cap. Booker was frustrated with the Suns for not being notified of the team's intentions to cut Ulis, as the pair are great friends from their time at Kentucky.

Ulis' departure came a day before the Suns signed free-agent wing Trevor Ariza. On July 11, it was a big night for Phoenix as they agreed on a maximum deal with Booker, a five-year, projected $158 million extension that takes him up through his age-26 season.

Ulis and Booker seemed to have a better relationship outside of just being teammates as they were willing to protect each other within the risk of the law. Even though they aren’t teammates anymore, their friendship will still exist and Ulis will never forget the moment when Booker came to save him from a group intending to cause serious harm.