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Devin Booker Finds Out Rudy Gobert Tested Positive For Coronavirus While Playing Video Games Live

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Devin Booker's reaction to Rudy Gobert testing positive to COVID-19 was priceless and the Phoenix Suns star found out about the news while taking a break from all the NBA activity.

Booker was shocked by the news, dropping several bad words as soon as he discovered the French big man was infected with the coronavirus as well as the NBA suspending the campaign.

He was streaming while playing video games, and his reaction was something else.

Gobert was the reason why the game between the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder was suspended on Wednesday night. He was taken to the hospital alongside Emmanuel Mudiay and both players tested positive for the virus.

">March 12, 2020

The NBA was ready to take some actions as they intended to start playing games without any fans in the arenas, but now things have gotten more complicated.

We're sure plenty of fans reacted the same way Booker did when he learned the news. We expect this problem to be solved as soon as possible since this situation gets worse by the day.