Devin Booker: "I Should Never Be Compared To Kobe Bryant."

Devin Booker Kobe Bryant

Devin Booker's game has always drawn comparisons to the late Kobe Bryant. Devin Booker isn't quite the player that Bryant was, and nor is he as accomplished accolades-wise. However, there is no doubt that aesthetically, Devin Booker's game is similar to Kobe Bryant. They have similar moves, and both are known for their shot creation in the midrange area. Bryant also notably mentored Booker in the past.

However, the Kobe Bryant comparisons are drawn up by others, and not necessarily Devin Booker himself. When speaking to Richard Jefferson of ESPN, Booker revealed that he doesn't think he should ever be compared to Kobe Bryant.

I haven't really thought about it much. I know it's something that everybody has got going on right now. I didn't make that comparison myself. I just leave it at what he's done for me as a mentor, and the advice that he's left me with. I try to take bits and pieces of his mentality and his approach. But I should never be compared to Kobe Bryant.

It is clear that Devin Booker appreciates the mentorship of Kobe Bryant, and that he has elements of the great in his game. However, it seems as though he doesn't want to be compared to Kobe Bryant. Devin Booker isn't Kobe Bryant: but he is a great player in his own right. Devin Booker has been an elite scorer throughout his career and perhaps he'll be able to reach another level in the future.