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Devin Booker Reportedly Unhappy With The Suns For Not Trying To Sign D'Angelo Russell

Suns Didn't Pursue D'Angelo Russell To 'Protect' Devin Booker

Devin Booker is one of the most talented scorers in the league. However, it seems like his talents are going to waste in the Arizona desert, as the Phoenix Suns continue to struggle to win regardless of his great efforts and scoring outbursts.

Booker has often been tied with a move out of the team and now that his former agent Leon Rose joined the Knicks organization, rumors started flooding the internet again.

And even though it seems unlikely that Booker ends up with the Knicks at this point, it seems like it could only be a matter of time before he tries to force his way out of the Suns. In fact, a recent report claims that he's been unhappy with the organization since they decided not to pursue his friend and fellow All-Star D'Angelo Russell last summer:

"Something else that’s worth noting about Booker and the Suns: last summer, the Arizona Republic reported that the Suns chose not to pursue D’Angelo Russell, Booker’s close friend, in free agency because the club “apparently felt Russell wouldn’t have been a good influence on Booker off the court.”

Booker, per league sources, wasn’t happy with the organization at the time of the report. The Arizona Republic noted that Booker had campaigned for the club to sign Russell, who was a restricted free agent. The Suns instead pursued Terry Rozier and ended up signing Ricky Rubio," Ian Begley of SNY reported.

The report also claims that his father is sick and tired of watching him drop 'meaningless 26 points' and still lose, so he could try and convince his son to try and take his talents elsewhere.

Plenty of contending teams could use a young gunner like Booker and the Suns would have no choice but to listen to trade offers if he starts pushing for a move, so this is a story that's worth following closely over the next couple of months.