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Devin Booker Rocking Los Angeles Lakers Shirt After 4th Win In The Bubble

Devin Booker Is Rocking Los Angeles Lakers Shirt After 4th Win In The Bubble

Devin Booker is the bubble MVP right now after four games demonstrating he's not only one of the best scorers in the league but also he can give victories to his team, even in front of great rivals like the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers and Indiana Pacers.

Book has been great for the Suns in the bubble and there is a reason for that inspiration. After scoring 20 points with 10 assists in the Suns 114-99 victory over the Pacers on Thursday, the shooting guard addressed the media rocking a Lakers shirt that paid homage to the late Kobe Bryant, Booker's idol and his biggest inspiration not only in the bubble but his entire career.

He spoke about Kobe and all the things the Black Mamba did for him, which is why Booker remembers him every day.

“Kobe’s with me every day. You guys see what I put on my shoes with the ‘Be Legendary.’ It’s a reminder," Booker said.

The 'Be Legendary' message was first written in 2016 when Booker faced Kobe and dropped 28 points on the Lakers. That performance enchanted Kobe, who gave gifted Booker an autographed pair of shoes with the message.

After that, Book got a tattoo with the phrase and makes sure to write it on his shoes before every game in the bubble. Well, that strategy has worked for him, who has become one of the best players in the Orlando bubble, taking the Suns to fight for that 8th seed that still belongs to the Memphis Grizzlies.

There is only one week left before the regular season finishes and Phoenix has a good chance to make the postseason. However, the task will be extremely hard, that's when he'll have to be legendary to reach the goal.