Devin Booker’s Hilarious Response To Reporter’s Post-Game Question


Good vibes have been present in the Phoenix locker room for pretty much the entire season.

Thanks to the leadership and direction of Chris Paul, the Suns find themselves just two wins away from a Finals appearance.

Still, their current matchup against Milwaukee is giving them their biggest test yet, and it’s clearly taking a toll on the morale of the team.

Following their Game 5 defeat (which has them down 2-3 in the series), Devin Booker got a little testy with the media, especially after one particular question relating to his teammate, Chris Paul.

“Devin now frustrated are you for Chris right now?”

“Next question please...”

It’s no secret that CO3 has struggled in the series. He followed up a 10-point performance in Game 4 with 21 tonight, but it still wasn’t enough to grab the win in the end.

After coming so far, and overcoming so much, it’s got to feel bad to be on the verge of losing it all.

If Booker, Paul, and the rest of the crew want to turn things around, they’re going to have to make some serious adjustments.

They’ve got no room for mistakes at this point. Everything hinges on Game 6.