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Dion Waiters Explains The Difference Between Playing With LeBron At 22 And 28

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Dion Waiters have teamed up with LeBron James once again, six years after they played together in Cleveland. That young Waiters was creating a lot of troubles for the Cavs on and off the court, which earned him a trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder. He only spent half of a season with LeBron at the Quickest Loan Arena but he learned a couple of things from James.

Now, at 28, Waiters know what was the lesson Bron was trying to teach him and he's ready to contribute to winning the championship with the Lakers next October. He admitted that he was stubborn back in the day but now things are different for the veteran guard.

“Just them things now that I didn’t probably understand when I was young. When you’re young, you’re still trying to find yourself coming into the league,” Waiters said per Dave McMenamin of ESPN. “I think Bron was trying to help me with that but I was so stubborn back then. But, I understand now. I’m 28. I’ve done been through a lot. I’m at peace with myself, though. So, I’m good.”

It was recently reported that Waiters didn't get along with Kyrie Irving and he couldn't get why people thought Kyrie was better than him. Well, the Cavs thought the same and shipped Waiters to OKC after two and a half years with the franchise.

He's ready to go to war with the Lakers, who currently sit atop of the Western Conference.

"I’m armed and ready when my number is called,” Waiters said after Saturday's scrimmage against the Orlando Magic, via Sports Illustrated. “It’s me getting back in the swing of things. Just trying to find a rhythm. We’re switching up different lineups, stuff like that. Just being ready, man. Having that confidence that I’ve always had. Just being confident in myself and my shot-making and also for my teammates.”

Waiters knows Bron and the rest of his teammates trust him. He won't mess up this time and will do anything to help his team lift the Larry O'Brien trophy at the Orlando bubble.