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Dion Waiters Gets Into Instagram Beef With NBA Fan Over Edible Joke

(via Heat Nation)

(via Heat Nation)

Dion Waiters signed a deal to join the Los Angeles Lakers shortly before the season's hiatus. Given his controversial nature and history in the league, this was clearly a polarizing matter from start, and it seems like it continues to be this way.

Waiters can surely provide the purple and gold with a scoring punch off the bench and we all know that he can get hot in no time. However, his well-documented antics, overconfidence, and temper could end up creating a lot of trouble in the team's locker room.

And now that Avery Bradley has decided to sit out the resumption of the season and JR Smith is apparently a leading candidate to fill in his spot, the internet was flooded with jokes and memes about these infamous duo teaming up with the King.

That's why Waiters had to step up and defend himself after Instagram account posted a screenshot of a Twitter that read: "It's happening!! Get your Henny and gummies out!!! the dion waiters + jr smith duo is coming!!!

"Lol yu couldn't wait to write that corny sh*t huh? wish yu well in life ", Waiters replied in the post. However, continued mocking him by uploading another post with Waiters' answer. Needless to say, the shooting guard didn't hesitate to fire back:

"Yu need content huh? I can't complain bro life's good", Waiters said, to what the troll account replied "Sh*t man as long as you keep commenting, the content will come. Can't wait for you to carry LeBron to his 4th ring".

The memes and jokes refer to Waiters' infamous incident with edible gummies while he was still playing for the Miami Heat. Apparently, he had a panic attack during a team flight and that was just one of the many reasons why the team decided to part ways with him.

Waiters is yet to suit up for the purple and gold thus far this season. In just 3 appearances with the Heat, he averaged 9.3 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 1.0 assists per game. Now, he'll have to prove his doubters wrong in the playoffs.