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Dion Waiters Took An Edible, Kept $24 Million In Buyout And Signed With The Contender Lakers

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

This has been quite a season for Dion Waiters, who started the campaign as part of the Miami Heat. Right now he's with the Lakers, ready to help the Purple and Gold claim the NBA championship but it wasn't an easy journey for him. In fact, some believed it was unthinkable that he would return to the league, at least this season.

Waiters starred in several controversies in Miami. That earned him three suspensions, missing 17 games. His most embarrassing moment in South Beach happened when he ate an edible and passed out on a plane.

The Heat didn't want any of that and they shipped Dion to the Memphis Grizzlies in the trade that sent Andre Iguodala to the Heat. Memphis waived the guard and everybody thought that was the end for him this season. Still, he kept $24 million in the buyout, so it wasn't really bad for Waiters.

That's when things started to change for the former Cavaliers. After that, the Lakers picked him up from waivers and signed him for the remainder of the season. Now he's looking to win his first NBA championship, having a better mentality, aware that the expectations are high when you play for the Lakers.

He's ready to go at the NBA bubble and demonstrate that the Waiters that started the season is gone and this is a new and improved version of himself.