Dirk Nowitzi: "To Me, In My 20 Years, Kobe Was The Best Offensive, Or Best Player I've Seen Or Faced"

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It’s not a secret that Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players of all time, racking up plenty of honors and getting one of the strongest fan bases in the history of the game.

It’s normal to see his fans explaining why Kobe is one of the greatest, but those comments take a different dimension when one of his rivals is making them.

This time we’re talking about Dirk Nowitzki, arguably the best foreign player in the history of the NBA. Dirk revealed in an interview with Youtube channel ‘Shot Science Basketball’ that KB24 was the best player he faced in his career.

“Kobe, we tried everything, he was just - you couldn’t stop him. Unguardable. So one time we had him in the corner and the shot clock was going down and he was right in front of our bench. Somebody played him from the top side, so he couldn’t turn around over his left shoulder and shoot with the right so he’s kind of like stuck, then he sees the shot clock and he turns around, shoots it with the left, 3-pointer from the corner. We’re all like ‘what?’

"His skill level was unbelievable, there was not one shot that he didn’t have in his repertoire, so to me, in my 20 years, he was probably the best offensive or the best player I’ve faced.”

Watching Dirk telling these stories just makes you see how great Kobe was and the impact he had on the game not only for fans but for players. He had some good duels with Dirk throughout their careers, and now we learned that there was no better, or worse rival for the German big man than the Black Mamba.

In case anybody's wondering what shot Dirk is talking about, take a look: