Dirk Nowitzki Got Punk'd But It Almost Went Horribly Wrong: "You're Gonna Sign A LeBron Jersey... Who Cares?"

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Dirk Nowitzki Got Punk'd But It Almost Went Horribly Wrong: "You're Gonna Sign A LeBron Jersey... Who Cares?"

Dirk Nowitzki is one of the nicest players in the history of the NBA. The gentle giant from Germany was a prolific player during his stint in the NBA, winning almost everything he possibly could. Nowitzki is heralded as the greatest Euro player in NBA history and helped elevate the Dallas Mavericks franchise to a great deal, even winning them their only NBA championship in history. 

Nowitzki was always seen with a smile on his face, a quality that made him one of the most affable players in history. Nowitzki is one of the most likable figures to ever play in the NBA. But even he has his breaking points.

Fans got to witness Nowitzki being pranked for popular MTV show Punk'd during the show. In the episode, Nowitzki was dining at a restaurant. A young fan, who was planted by the crew, approached Nowitzki with a few items to sign. Initially, Nowitzki seemed more than happy to oblige the young fan, as he pulled out merchandise as well. 

But as time started to go on, Nowitzki started to become more and more impatient. The moment that stands out the most through the prank is when the fan pulled out a LeBron James jersey and asked him to sign it. Eventually, Nowitzki lost his patience and asked the fan to approach him later. 

To escalate the prank, a man impersonating the restaurant manager approached Nowitzki and confronted him about why he was being rude to the young patron. And the situation continued to escalate. As Nowitzki eventually grew more hostile, the crew revealed that he had been Punk'd by everyone. 

Nowitzki saw the humor in what had just happened, and reminisced about how agitated he was getting about the situation. To see one of the most likable athletes getting angry with a fan situation was really funny to see. Luckily enough, this was just a prank, and Nowitzki was not actually being disrespected by a young fan.