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Dirk Nowitzki Sounds Off On The Possibility Of DeAndre Jordan Taking His Starting Job


Dirk Nowitzki is easily the greatest Dallas Mavericks player in the history of the franchise, but not only that, is arguably a top three power forward of all-time and one of greatest internation players ever.

Despite his impressive resume and long career, the German big man is definitely getting up there in age, and even if his skillset isn't predicated on being able to jump high or run fast, Dirk's production has definitely dropped off over the course of the past several seasons.

With the signing of All-Star center DeAndre Jordan for Dallas, the question has arisen whether Dirk will slot down to the power forward position, or completely exit the starting lineup and come off the bench for the remaining year/s of his career.

According to Dirk himself, he'll welcome a bench role with open arms, on one condition.

“...If it makes our team better -- I want to be part of a winning team and if that's what helps us win -- then of course. I have no problem with that. I already told [the training staff] if that's the case, they better keep me loose. We better get a [stationary] bike ready somewhere because if I warm up and sit for 15, 20 minutes, that's going to be an issue."

Dirk's willingness to sacrifice is what has made him such a standup player in the NBA. Nowitzki has taken countless pay cuts from the Mavericks over his career so a worthwhile team could be built around him, and now, he's willing to take a step back himself in order for the team to win more games. A true class act.