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Dirk Nowitztki Comments On KD's Erratic Social Media Behavior


Is there a bigger pair of polar opposites in the NBA than Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitztki?

Durant is a talker and is easily triggered by what others are saying about him. He's young but is far from a fan-favorite right now. Meanwhile, the Big German is nearing the end of his illustrious career, without so much as a bad story to go along with his name.

So when he commented on the status of KD's internet behavior, it was an interesting bit of dialogue, to say the least, according to NBC Sports:

"Well, I'm always on Instagram -- well not always; I mean, when I have time -- we scroll through the Explore page and through your tagged pictures, I do that ... so I've been seeing this kid just been having these basketball analyses and he has like 50,000 followers so he kind of got a little voice. People actually looking at this stuff.

So you know, there was some comments, obviously I'm gonna disagree about some stuff. And I'm like, 'Yo, bro. You don't know what you're talking about. I understand you love the game, you love different players. Bro, relax. Now you got 50,000 people following you with this garbage.' Exactly what I said.

Obviously, because of me and I play for the Warriors, which everybody hates the Warriors -- I don't think they have anything against me it's just the fact that I play for the Warriors. So when I respond to the kid, it's like I did it in a sensitive manner. But I've seen you respond to a lot of people as well. I've always seen Kobe Bryant respond to people on Twitter as well just reminding them about some stuff ... I could go down the line of players in every sport that do that, but I guess just because it's just me...

I'm just chillin, on the Gram, so I can't be like, 'Nah man, I'm not gonna be who I am.' I've been doing the social media for a minute -- since I first started. That's what it's for. I got tweets in the archive since I first started in the league. It's who I am, that's jus what I do on social media. And it's pretty simple -- when I want to comment I do, if I don't -- probably I don't want to. I think people just blow it out of proportion because it's me."

Yeah, he's literally Durant's opposite.

Dirk understand the landscape of the world around him. Not everyone is going to love you, and some are even going to hate you. But taking it with a smile on your face? That's not a bad strategy at all.