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Disney Wants To Create Long-Term Partnership With The NBA

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Last year, the NBA season ended abruptly due to the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus. The solution to restart the season was a bubble in Orlando, on one of Disney's properties. The NBA bubble was renowned for being COVID free after everyone got there, and most in the sports world have deemed it a responding success. The bubble couldn't have happened without Disney's collaboration, and perhaps there is more in store.

This year, Disney will host a bubble for the G-League season. It seems like the two parties are continuing to work together, and Keith Smith revealed how a Disney source viewed the partnership.

It makes sense that Disney would want to partner with one of the biggest sports leagues in North America. The partnership would bear fruitful long into the future: despite the declining TV ratings for the NBA, the demographics that the league targets are younger people, who will likely make the NBA a household sport in a few short years. The potential of a midseason tournament could be good for the league revenue-wise, to offset losses from COVID-19 that will likely stretch into years to come.

A partnership with Disney could be fruitful for both parties. As a huge media organization, Disney would be good for the NBA's visibility, as well as providing an interesting place to hold a midseason tournament. The two parties both seem mutually interested, and it is only a matter of time before the partnership grows even stronger.