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Doc Rivers Fought Against Preferential Treatment For Paul George And Kawhi Leonard On Los Angeles Clippers

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(via Canada News Media)

(via Canada News Media)

Doc Rivers is well respected in NBA circles. He has a great reputation around the league, though it definitely took a hit this past season, as Rivers set a record for the amount of 3-1 series leads blown. But at the end of the day, he got a new start with the Philadelphia 76ers.

When speaking with Jackie McMullan, Doc Rivers talked about chemistry issues with the 2019-20 Los Angeles Clippers. There were prior reports of players like Montrezl Harrell disliking the special treatment given to the franchise's two stars: that's something Rivers claims to have pushed back against, though we know how stars can be treated in the NBA.

"A lot of it is true," Rivers concedes. "There was special treatment, but what people don't understand is I was the guy who didn't like it and was fighting it."

It makes sense that in a league where all the media attention is focused on superstars, that they would enjoy some special privileges. Paul George recently commented on the reported 'special privileges' and said that there's a reason superstars get what they want. They play well, so they reap the rewards. But Rivers was fighting it and for good reason: it torpedoed team chemistry. There's got to be a balance, but that is no longer Rivers' problem. Rivers also claimed that the Los Angeles Lakers were a good example of a team that did well despite their superstars being treated differently.

The Lakers are a great example. Clearly LeBron and AD got different treatment, but the guys around them said, 'Who cares? As long as we win.'

Winning cures all in the NBA, and the Clippers couldn't win through their chemistry woes last season. With the Lakers retooling and looking to be the favorites again, the Clippers hope to upset the champs. With Rivers' departure, it looks like both parties have moved on to greener pastures, as the Los Angeles Clippers won their first season game against the Los Angeles Lakers.