Doc Rivers On Dwight Howard And Montrezl Harrell's Altercation: "Clowns. Guys Joking Around. It's Ridiculous."

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Doc Rivers wasn't happy with Dwight Howard after the Philadelphia 76ers player earned an ejection at the end of the 1st quarter during the Sixers-Lakers game. The game ended with a win for the Sixers, 109-101 over the purple and gold but things didn't start precisely well for the away team.

Howard and Montrezl Harrell got into it a couple of times during the first period, which ultimately led to the expulsion of the 2020 NBA champion. After the 1st quarter was over and teams were headed to the bench, Howard bumped into Harrell and refs saw enough to eject the Philly big man. He couldn't believe what was happening and although Harrell shoved him, Howard was ejected.

Well, you can say he was looking for contact and once the Lakers player reacted, he started looking for referees but the loser of the situation was him.

Rivers addressed this attitude by his current and former players, calling them 'clowns' for acting the way they did and making it clear he didn't appreciate what he saw.

"Clowns. Guys joking around. I mean, it's ridiculous, on both parts. I didn't like it, bottom line," Rivers expressed, as the Sixers were left without any true center on the roster.

Still, he found a way to joke about this and even said he could enter the game if needed. When Reggie Miller asked him what was next after the Howard ejection, Doc said that if Mike Scott also left the game, he would have to suit up and go play with his team.

"Yeah, Mike has 2 fouls. I think our next biggest guy is me so, we'll see."

This situation could have been avoided if the players just focused on the game and stop messing around. The good thing for the Sixers is that they won the game but Howard could have compromised the win against the struggling Lakers, who have lost four games without LeBron James and Anthony Davis.