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Doc Rivers Says He Wants Ben Simmons Back On The 76ers: "He's Terrific. He'll Be Great."

Reggie Miller: “Now The Casual Fan, Will Pick Up The Box Score And Say ‘You Know What? Ben Simmons, He Only Scored 7 Points’. No My Friend. Ben Simmons Created 41 Points Tonight - Assisted On 34 points, 10 3-Pointers... Don’t Look At The 1-7."

Ben Simmons is going to the offseason after a disappointing performance in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks. In a series where the 76ers expected Simmons to be aggressive in the scoring department, the forward didn't deliver.

However, that doesn't mean that Ben Simmons is a bad player. Simmons is still an elite transition player, who can also set up his teammates and defend all five positions. While a lot of people have suggested that Ben Simmons should be traded, it seems as though Doc Rivers wants Simmons back in the squad.

Doc Rivers: Ben's great, I want him back. He's terrific. He'll be great.

Reporter: Do you think you can fix his shot?

Doc Rivers: I think he doesn't need a lot of fixing.

There is no question that Ben Simmons can still be a great contributor on a playoff team, and perhaps he still has a shot to redeem himself with the 76ers. Everyone has playoff series where they don't perform well, and Simmons could yet improve. While the 76ers still might trade Simmons, it seems at least one person in the organization wants him back.