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Doc Rivers Says Kawhi Leonard, Paul George Will Be In ‘Phenomenal Shape’ If The Season Resumes

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Doc Rivers has warned the Los Angeles Clippers’ rivals about the power his team will have in the case that the 2019/20 NBA season resumes at some point this year. The Clippers head coach talked with reporters on Wednesday, sending a message to the Clips’ rivals about the level both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George would have when the league returns.

The Clippers were having a very good run before the season was suspended. There are many reasons to believe they will be even more dangerous than before, with their two biggest stars returning to action in the proper shape.

"I know Kawhi's overworking, I can guarantee you that. And the difference is, during the summer, Kawhi couldn't work, you know, so now he's got this break and he's able to train.

"So the Kawhi we'll see will be in phenomenal shape. PG [Paul George] is another guy that's going to be in phenomenal shape."

"If this gets started, you can tell our players are invested in the season," Rivers said, via ESPN. "And they don't want this season to go away. And they're working like it is not going to go away."

Truth to their style, the Clippers have been working quietly, but Rivers’ words aren’t good for the rest of the NBA. Before the season suspension, the Clippers had a six-game winning streak that was snapped by their neighbors, the Lakers. Still, the things they showed they could do with a fully healthy roster were remarkable.

With a 44-20 record and having won seven of their last eight games, the Clippers ranked second in the Western Conference before the NBA suspended the season. They were right behind the Lakers, and one imagines they two will play for the right to represent the West in the NBA Finals.

Now that Leonard and PG could return better than before, you have to be careful about these Clippers. Their bid for the championship could be even bigger than it was at the start of the season.