Doc Rivers Thinks Michael Jordan Should Be The New NBA Logo, Not Kobe Bryant

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Doc Rivers has an interesting approach to all these rumors about Kobe Bryant becoming the new logo of the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers legend was killed in a fatal helicopter crash last year and ever since that, fans and players have tried to homage him in several ways. Moreover, Kyrie Irving brought back an old idea for the NBA.

The Brooklyn Nets star took to Instagram to make the case for Kobe as the new logo of the league, explaining that the man deserves it given the huge impact he had on the league. Moreover, he doubled down on his comments, telling reporters that that would be the perfect option for the league to honor the late icon.

This is one of the hottest topics in the league right now and everybody is talking about that, even Kendrick Perkins. Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers was one of those and he recommended a different player to become the new logo instead of Kobe. Who was that? Bryant's mentor and arguably the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan.

“I have been asked that but I don’t know the answer to that,” Rivers said during an interview. “I mean Michael Jordan would be the logo.”

“Listen, if you want a logo, Michael to me, would be it. But I don’t know if you change for change,” he further explained. “You usually change things because of history and you find something out that doesn’t fit. Jerry has been a deserving logo and I have no problem him continuing to be the logo.

“I mean what are we going to do, change the logo every 10 or 20 years? So, I like our logo and I think we should probably stick with it. I am probably in the minority in that thought.”

This is also an interesting option for the league but this could result in a lot of players proposing other legends as the logo of the association. Kobe's death left a huge hole in the NBA and every player is trying to honor him the best possible way. It'd be very good to see the Black Mamba's silhouette as the league's logo but it's unclear if the league will actually go through with this.