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Donald Trump Says Some NBA Players Are "Very, Very Nasty And Frankly, Very Dumb."

(via The Nation)

(via The Nation)

The disdain between Donald Trump and the NBA is no secret to anyone who has been keeping up.

A lot of the league's top players (including LeBron James and Steph Curry) have publicly criticized the President, and the President has publicly criticized and flamed players right back.

It has become an all-out war at this point, and Trump is not really doing anything to alleviate it. In fact, in his most recent comments, he may have stirred things up even further.

In a recent statement regarding the criticism often given to him by NBA players, he called them "nasty" and "very dumb."

Regarding the national anthem protests, Trump said the league was in "bigger trouble than they understand."

Obviously, these are highly critical and borderline threatening remarks by the President. These comments, however, are nothing out of the ordinary for Trump, especially in connection to protesters.

It remains to be seen how the NBA and its community will respond, or even if they will respond at all. Amid the pandemic, and the Orlando bubble games playing out, their focus probably isn't on responding to a President who has always shown animosity towards them.

Or, at least, it shouldn't be.