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Donovan Mitchell Makes Interesting Comment On Playing With LeBron James


If you had a choice between playing with the best in world or beating him, which would you choose?

For Utah Jazz sophomore Donovan Mitchell, the choice is clear. While he'd be happy to welcome free-agents to Salt Lake City, he made it clear that he'd be just fine trying to beat The King, rather than join him. Here's what he said when asked about recruiting players to the Jazz (via the Rappler):

"I'll make [my pitch] to Paul George right now," said Mitchell. "We want to win, we're not selfish. If he comes in, it's gonna make life a lot easier on the offensive end. He's also a great defender."

"We have talent, we have a crowd that sells out every night. Our coach [Quin Snyder] is probably the Coach of the Year and we have [a] Defensive Player of the Year [candidate in Rudy Gobert]."

And regarding LeBron James, Mitchell's response got a little more interesting:

"Would I want to [play with him]? Who wouldn't?" -- "If I had a choice on playing [with] him or beating him, I'd rather beat him. But if he wants to play with the Jazz, then we'll take him of course."

This is the type of attitude most NBA guys like to see. It's competitive, bold, confident and everything any team would want in their future franchise superstar. In a summer when basically everyone and their mother is out to form a new super team with LeBron James, it's good to hear that not everyone is necessarily down for that.

Granted, he also pointed out that he'd welcome King James, so he's more than open to playing with other superstars. Still, Mitchell is one guy that we can feel pretty confident won't take the easy way out. And for some, that's exactly how it should be.