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Donovan Mitchell Posts Another Update: 'Sitting Here Wit No Symptoms Like'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

If you’re keeping tabs on Donovan Mitchell’s situation with the coronavirus, don’t worry because the player is making sure everybody knows he’s bored and hasn’t felt any symptoms of the infamous COVID-19.

Mitchell took to Instagram to show his life in quarantine, posting a picture of himself, explaining that’s how he feels these days, waiting for the symptoms of the illness to get into his body. Or not.

“Sitting here wit no symptoms like😒😂,” was the caption of the picture.

Unlike his teammate, Rudy Gobert, Mitchell hasn’t experienced any symptoms from the coronavirus, as he even claimed he could play a best-of-seven series a couple of days ago. On the other hand, Gobert revealed he lost the smell and taste, as he hasn’t been able to smell 'anything for the last 4 days'.

It’s been stated before, but it looks like some people need to hear this until they finally understand. This is a serious illness and it should be taken as such. We’re seeing now what happened with Gobert after he decided to break the NBA’s protocol for this virus.

While Mitchell is doing just fine with no symptoms, his teammate is experiencing a whole different situation.