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Donovan Mitchell Sends A Message On His Condition: “I Feel Fine.”

(via Washington Post)

(via Washington Post)

When Donovan Mitchell was diagnosed with coronavirus, it came with shock and worry by the NBA community.

For the past few days, Mitchell has been under quarantine as the NBA and American have attempted to combat the pandemic.

But, in a message by Mitch to the fans, he assured us that he’s doing well.

Not everyone who contracts the virus displays serious symptoms. In fact, some barely feel any different at all.

Fortunately, Mitchell seems to suffering very minor side effects — but it’s still dangerous, nonetheless. To the immunocompromised, it is especially dangerous.

It’s hard to tell how much longer this virus will continue to linger or how it will impact the rest of the NBA season, but people have to remember to remain cautious and vigilant.

It will be a tough time, for sure, but this is the chance for the community to pull together. The league will continue to test and screen their players, but it’s not known who else has the virus at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those infected and for those who are helping to deal with the crisis. Hopefully, things will stabilize before too long.