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Donovan Mitchell Takes A Jab At James Harden On The Way To The Locker Room After Game 4


For a rookie, Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell has had his fair share of run-ins with other players, even if he's yet to complete his first season in the NBA.

The one you've all probably heard of revolves around him and fellow rookie Ben Simmons, and as the two front-runners for the Rookie of the Year award, have been having a little back and forth with each other regarding Ben Simmons' rookie status, and if he should be eligible for the award.

Mitchell decided to have some fun with the competition, with his sponsor Adidas creating two shirts insinuating Simmons wasn't a rookie, and Mitchell should be ROY.

Apart from the 76ers' standout rookie, Mitchell has also gotten into it with his opposition in the second round of the NBA playoffs, MVP front-runner James Harden.

The two have matched up together four times so far this postseason, with the Rockets currently holding a 3-1 lead over the Jazz after winning Game 4 in Utah.

In Game 4 however, there was a little bit of controversy involving Harden on two occasions. First, when Harden was driving and dragged the ball across Dante Exum's face, getting a foul call out of it, and second, fouling Donovan Mitchell on a layup attempt late in the game and not getting a whistle for it.

Obviously, Jazz fans were irate with the two plays in the question in a game that was close up until the very end. But according to reports, so was Mitchell after the game while heading to the locker room.

Mitchell is referring to the preferential treatment Harden seems to receive from the reffing crew game in and game out, whether it be getting foul calls for ticky-tack stuff, especially by playoff standards, or not getting called for fouls he commits himself, and there's evidence out there that paints the refs as James Harden's friends when it comes to blowing the whistle.

Then again, it is playoff basketball, and after a disappointing loss, Mitchell was just letting out some of his frustrations the only way he knows how.