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Donovan Mitchell On 'The Decision': "I Wanted Him To Go To Miami At That Point, I Wanted Him To Get A Ring."

(via Heat Nation)

(via Heat Nation)

LeBron James has made a lot of controversial moves over the past few years, but none more than "The Decision."

His choice (which he announced on live television) to join a superteam in Miami was hated by fans during that time, who felt like he betrayed his team to take the easy way out and play with other stars.

But for Donovan Mitchell, who was just 13 at the time, recalls being quite happy for The King.

“It was cool,” Mitchell said to The Salt Lake Tribune. “I was outside, so it was cool being there. I wanted him to go to Miami at that point, I wanted him to get a ring. I remember there were a lot of upset people there. There were a lot of Knicks fans, Greenwich being so close to New York and all. But it was definitely cool.”

Of course, Donovan didn't know back then that he would end up playing with Bron years later. And, today, the player empowerment movement is stronger than ever.

Unfortunately, though, "The Decision" is a moment that still hasn't been forgotten by the NBA community. And folks like Mitchell, who actually supported LeBron though it, aren't very common nowadays. James is still working to win over the hearts of the people today.