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Donovan Mitchell Trolls Jayson Tatum After Picture Shows Him Getting Stronger: "And Just Like That You Will Be Drug Tested Tomorrow"

Donovan Mitchell Troll Jayson Tatum After Picture Shows Him Getting Stronger: "And Just Like That You Will Be Drug Tested Tomorrow"

Jayson Tatum has been putting in a lot of work during this offseason to get better. After the end of the NBA season, where he and the Celtics were knocked out of the first round of the playoffs by the Brooklyn Nets, Tatum joined Team USA to play at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

With Team USA, Tatum was a key part of the team that went on to win the Olympic Gold Medal. Since then, he has been hard at work in the gym, getting himself in shape for the new NBA season. Under new head coach Ime Udoka, the Boston Celtics are hoping to get back to championship contention status. 

Tatum's work during the offseason has paid dividends, as pictures of him over the past few months have shown how good a shape he has gotten in. He is looking a lot bulkier, and his arms look more toned than they have been in the past. Clearly, Tatum has made a massive effort to get in better shape ahead of the new season.

Despite all his strength, Tatum's muscles can't protect him from being trolled online. And that is exactly what Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell did to Tatum on Twitter. Mitchell, who came up with Tatum in the 2017 NBA rookie class, joked online that Tatum's new physique will get him selected for a drug test.

Tatum responded online, noting that that is exactly how things work. Clearly, the two players were joking and decided to exchange in some friendly better ahead of the start of the new NBA season. Both players have had a very similar rise in the NBA, and are considered the stars of tomorrow.

Both Tatum and Mitchell will be expecting to have a better postseason this year. Mitchell's Jazz and Tatum's Celtics performed poorly in the playoffs last year and will be looking to redeem themselves this year. 

With their respective conferences getting more competitive over the offseason, they will have to work hard in order to get past some of the other championship contenders.