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Doris Burke Takes Shot At Kawhi For Sitting Out Game Against Giannis And Bucks

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Perhaps nobody has mastered the art of load management better than Kawhi Leonard. We saw hints of the practice in San Antonio when Pop would rest his crew on random games so as to now wear them out over the course of the long season.

Kawhi soon began sitting out games himself in Toronto, and we saw him miss 22 games last season as a result.

With the Clippers, he seems to be taking it a step further. In the first eight games to start the season, Kawhi will have missed 2 of them (he is scheduled to sit out against Milwaukee tonight). The idea of sitting out nationally televised games, or any regular-season game for that matter, for literally no reason isn't sitting well with some.

According to Doris Burke, who expressed her disappointment on ESPN's Get Up!, the league has a long-term problem on their hands.

"It's mind-boggling to me that Kawhi doesn't want to play against the reigning MVP and he'd rather play against Portland the next day. Kawhi not playing is ridiculous at this point. The league should be concerned that their best players are not playing on national television."

The Clippers play Milwaukee and Portland in back-to-back games Wednesday and Thursday night. Kawhi and other NBA stars have made it normal to miss these back-to-back scenarios for the sake of their own time, health, well-being, etc.

Because cutting back on regular-season games means lost revenue for league owners, it is unlikely that the NBA will shorten its 82-game schedule. What they can do is extend its duration by a few weeks to give more time in between games.

Either way, expect the league to take this "problem" seriously as time moves on. No doubt, "load management" will only rise as it becomes normalized in today's society.