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Doris Burke Trolls Kevin Durant While Praising Michael Porter Jr.

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Denver Nuggets power forward Michael Porter Jr. is doing a great impression this season, becoming a very valuable piece for his team before and after the hiatus. Now the Nuggets are entering the playoffs with big expectations and MPJ appears to be their X-Factor to advance through rounds. He demonstrated that during the first-round game between the Nuggets and the Jazz, where he scored 13 points with 8 rebounds and one assist during the Nuggets 135-125 win over the Jazz.

Porter was doing his thing and at some point, he sank a good 3-pointer, which led ESPN's Doris Burke to make a comparison between Porter and 2x NBA champion Kevin Durant. She took a cheeky dig at KD before comparing him to Porter, asking Durant to not go after her on Twitter.

“I don’t want KD mad at me, but did that not have a Kevin Durant walk-up 3 feel — release point, quickness, fluidity, mechanics?” the ESPN analyst said. “Like, don’t come at me on Twitter, please, Kevin Durant. But that looked very Kevin Durant-esque.”

Well, she was aware that retaliation was a possibility but Durant didn't reply to these comments. Still, he knew what was going on, leaving a subtle message on Twitter. He's been very active replying to haters on his verified Twitter account but this time there won't be any bad comment towards Burke. While KD gets ready to return next season, he's watching the playoffs at the bubble like the rest of us.

It's a little bit early, but the future will say how similar or different MPJ and KD will be.