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Doug Gottlieb On Clippers Signing Reggie Jackson: "This Helps The Lakers. Any Minute He's On The Court, That Means Pat Beverley, Lou Williams Or Landry Shamet Isn't On The Court."

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

The Clippers are, undoubtedly, the deepest team in the NBA. With the recent signing of Reggie Jackson, they have a backup guard capable of providing some quality minutes.

And while most are ready to hand the Clippers the trophy right now, Fox Sports' analyst Doug Gottlieb explained why he thinks the Jackson signing won't make all that much of a difference in the end.

"Even though Reggie Jackson adds to the talent of the Clippers, and 1-12 looks better than the Lakers, you can only play 5 guys. This helps the Lakers. Any minute he's on the court, that means Pat Beverley, Lou Williams or Landry Shamet isn't on the court."

It's certainly interesting logic. Nobody really considers depth a bad thing.

But Gottlieb's point seems to imply that having Jackson on the court takes minutes away from guys who are overall better players. In that regard, he may be right. Jackson is no defender and his presence might make things easier for the other team's offense.

Having depth and good rotation players is always an advantage, but is there a point when it's too much? We'll find out by season's end just how far this loaded Clippers team can go.