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Dr. Lewis On Michael Jordan: 'When I Told Him To Not Play, He Looked At Me Like I Was Crazy'

(via The Nation)

(via The Nation)

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly cut from a different cloth. During his playing days, in particular, it was as if he was truly invincible on the basketball court.

And during those times where his body did fail him, his mind and heart seemingly always prevailed.

That point was made abundantly clear in an interview for WGN Radio with former Bulls team doctor Michael Lewis. There, he explained Michael's reaction upon being told he should sit out the game due to severe neck pain.

“One night, 10 minutes before a game, he had such severe neck pain that he could not move his neck in any direction. So I suggested he not play that night and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said, ‘fans have come from hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away to see me play and I’m not going to disappoint them.’”

MJ really was as fearless as he seemed. On the court, he attacked anyone and never backed down from a challenge. In the locker room, he was never looking for excuses or a chance to sit.

He knew that people (thousands of them) paid to watch him play every day and he didn't want to let them down.

This type of mentality is seemingly becoming rarer as time moves on. "Load management" has become a normal practice in the NBA and players will take every measure to ensure to avoid risks and preserve their own well-being.

You can't blame them for that, but there's also something to admire about Jordan's fearlessness and dedication to his craft. He played through injury, through tragedy, and through countless/overwhelming obstacles. Michael Jordan is cut from a different cloth.