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Drake Donates $1 Million To Long-Time Friend LeBron James' 'I Promise School': "I Will Drop It Off Myself"

Drake Donates $1 Million To Long-Time Friend LeBron James 'I Promise School': "I Will Drop It Off Myself"

LeBron James is more than just a basketball player. He is the first basketball player to amass a net worth of a billion dollars while still being active in the league, and this is because of everything James does off the court.

LeBron is one of the most shrewd businessmen to come out of the sport of basketball and he has started building a very robust portfolio of investments and ownership stakes in major brands across the world. However, all the money that James has earned means that he also wants to give back to his community.

James is a very active voice in his hometown of Akron, where he has empowered many underprivileged children to be able to get a full education and have a better life for themselves through the 'I Promise' Program that has been lauded for the impact it has had on the community in Akron. 

Long-time friend and one of the best-selling musicians on the planet, Drake announced a million-dollar donation to LeBron's school at a recent event held for LeBron's 'Lobos Tequila' brand. 

I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do for, obviously, this moment. So, I am going to, myself and Eddie from Stake, we’re going to dedicate $1 million to the I Promise School and I’m going to come drop it off myself.”

Drake has a partnership with a crypto company 'Skate' where Drake uses their sponsorship for online gambling and then gives away his winnings to good causes. This donation comes as part of that larger initiative and will be immensely helpful to the 'I Promise' school.

Athletes and musicians always try to use their platforms to make a positive change in society. Drake is supporting LeBron in his quest to make a change in Akron through this donation and ultimately, it will be greatly beneficial for the students.