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Drake Was Visibly Upset After Kevin Durant Injury Last Night

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 8.54.50 AM

The Warriors pulled off an impossible win to stave off elimination. They will live to see another day in Oracle, where they will hope to push a Game 7.

Unfortunately, they will have to do so without Kevin Durant. After missing the first four games with a calf injury, KD worked (and perhaps rushed) his way back onto the floor for Game 5. After some quick buckets, he went to the floor holding his right leg somewhere in the middle of the first quarter.

Toronto fans, at the time, received a lot of criticism for cheering and waving Durant off the court following his injury. It was a classless act indeed. But as for Drake, hip-hop icon and Toronto Raptors superfan, he shouldn't be considered in that company.

You can see he is physically upset when he realizes what happened to Durant.

No matter what is on the line, or who you have to face, injuries are never a good thing to see. The crowd's reaction should have been similar to that of Drake's.

Nonetheless, their behavior has already struck some chords around the association.

Game 6 is at Oracle on Thursday. We will see how the Warriors and their fans react to what we now know is a season-ending injury to their best player.