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Draymond Green 100% Believes He Is The Best Defender Of All-Time

(via Golden State of Mind)

(via Golden State of Mind)

One of the most hated and controversial players ever, but is Draymond Green also the best defender ever? According to himself, he absolutely is.

Per The Athletic:

“The best ever defender?” Green said after the Warriors held Portland to 46 points on 38.5 percent shooting in the second half in Thursday’s 114-111 win in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals.


The best defender ever?

“Me.” Green punctuated his declaration with a nod as he strutted out of the locker room with a smile. But he wasn’t joking. “That’s what I believe. Wholeheartedly.”

As a 4x All-NBA defensive first-team player and a 2017 defensive player of the year, he certainly has a case. Despite being limited on the offensive end, Draymond is a crucial member of the Warriors' dominance. He can defend all 5 positions, sets the tone on defense, and is willing to do whatever it takes to stop his opponents.

True, Green is far from a perfect player -- but he makes an impact on the court like few others can replicate. At the very least, his defensive GOAT claims have to be considered.