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Draymond Green Blasts People Who Says Warriors Are Better Without Kevin Durant: “That’s Idiotic”

Draymond Green Blasts People Who Says Warriors Are Better Without Durant: “That’s Idiotic”

Something that started as a simple comment has escalated until it became a serious topic of discussion across the NBA world. The Golden State Warriors have been undefeated ever since their arguably maximum figure, Kevin Durant, suffered a calf strain during Game 5 of the West semifinals against the Houston Rockets.

Many people thought that loss would be a very painful one and although it is indeed, the Warriors have been just fine without KD being an active player both in the rest of the semifinals and the beginning of the Western finals against the Portland Trail Blazers. This is why many fans have stated that the Warriors are better without Durant and they might have a point looking the way the Dub Nation have been playing lately.

Nevertheless, for Draymond Green, it is the complete opposite, as the Warriors consider Durant a big part of the team and nobody dares to doubt about the importance of the 10-time All-Star in the team.

"That's idiotic," Green said on Thursday when discussing these notions, according to The Athletic's Tim Kawakami. "It's very idiotic. I don't think there's one person in this locker room, one person in this organization that thinks that. And I know for damn sure that any idiot that does possibly (say) it don't believe it."

Better or worse, the Warriors certainly play differently when Durant is not around. They made it to two NBA Finals before the arrival of KD, winning one, and they won an NBA-record 73 games in 2015-16. All of this came thanks to Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green himself. Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle has pointed out that Golden State is now 30-1 in its last 31 games when Steph Curry has played and Durant hasn't, something that makes you think.

However, Draymond didn’t hesitate to show why he thinks Durant is very valuable for this team and all the things he can do on both ends of the court.

"When you have Kevin, he covers up so many things on both sides of the ball," Green noted, per Kawakami. "'Oh s--t, we haven't scored in four possessions in a row?' Get the ball to Kevin, get out of the way. On the defensive side, you mess up a pick-and-roll coverage, he's right there to cover it up. He covers up so much for us.

"We don't necessarily have to be perfect (when Durant's out). But we've gotta be damn close to it."