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Draymond Green Called Out Reporters In Angry Rant: "When You Assume Sh*t, It's Ridiculous."

Draymond Green

Following a win against the Washington Wizards on Monday, Warriors star Draymond Green sat down to chat with a room full of reporters.

Instead of giving his usual post-game responses, however, the 32-year-old forward called them out in a frustrated rant against manipulating the truth.

"I'm not gonna give much in this interview, I'm just gonna let y'all know that now. As someone who now works on y'all's side of things, I understand the job and I'm all for the job which is why I will give quotes tonight and expand on my answers. I made myself available because I understand how this thing works. We play, you write, speak, and it grows the game. Due to that, we are all one.

Integrity is important. It's very important and when you assume sh*t and you try to put things out there to cause controversy and make other people look bad it's ridiculous. We have children, we have family, I have a mother, I have a father, I have grandparents. So when you try to give your story an extra boost just remember we work together and it's not always like that."

Draymond is clearly not a fan of the way the media has been spinning stories lately, and there is one report in particular that may have set him off.

 Last week, The Athletic's Anthony Slater published an article that said some interesting things about Draymond's involvement with the Warriors.

The Warriors have been pushing for Draymond Green to get around the team more often, lifting the seriousness of the situation. But it’s clear Green was unwilling until he felt closer to the action. He is close, announcing on his podcast that next Monday, March 14 against the Wizards, he expects to return.

Green didn’t grant the Warriors their ultimate trip wish. He showed up on the second stop, in Dallas, got in a high-intensity workout and scrimmage, coached them up on the bench against the Mavericks, but then shifted into birthday mode. He spent Friday in Los Angeles celebrating his 32nd birthday and didn’t show up for the Lakers game Saturday.

Steve Kerr said Green was “sick” when asked about Green’s absence Saturday. Instagram can tell you how Green’s Friday night went.

Whether that story is true or not, Green did not appreciate what it was suggesting.

For the past 9 years, the guy has been a loyal and important member of Dub Nation, serving as the defensive backbone of the team.

This season, he has been battling a particularly brutal stretch that kept him out for months with an injury.

He's finally back now, but don't think for a second he has forgiven or forgotten what people were saying about him when he was gone.