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Draymond Green Calls Out Colin Cowherd After Conference Finals Win: "This One Just Feels A Little Different..."

Draymond Green Says He 'Won't Be Able To Live With Himself' If Warriors Lose NBA Finals: "I Can’t Let My Guys Down"

After celebrating his team's series-clinching win in Game 5, NBA veteran Draymond Green pulled out the receipts to call out the doubters.

Specifically, he called out FOX Sports broadcaster Colin Cowherd, who once urged Warriors star Stephen Curry to leave if he wanted to make another Finals appearance:

"By the way, it's not all doom and gloom for Golden State," said Cowherd back in 2021. "They could get a ton for him [Curry]. You could get an All-Star or two for him, and several draft picks. But if you look at the contracts next year, between Klay, Draymond, Wiggins, and Steph it's $139 million. You gotta blow this team up. It's over."

It's all love between Green and Cowherd, but that take didn't age well, and it was just too good for Draymond not to address:

"No disrespect to Colin because that was the message from everybody in the sports world. Everyone thought that. Everyone said that. So, the appreciation is just different. We won 15 games two years ago. I felt that. I went through that. So this one just feels a little different."

No matter how you feel about Draymond or Colin, the Warriors' comeback deserves some recognition. During the 2019-20 season, the Warriors went 15-50 and were dead last in the West. Klay was out, Steph missed most of the season, and Draymond couldn't do much on his own to stop the bleeding.

The following season went a little better for the Warriors, but they lost in the play-in and were never really a threat to win the title.

This year, that all changed. The Splash Bros were healthy for the first time since 2019 and guys like Wiggins, Kuminga, and Jordan Poole helped elevate the Warriors back to contending status.

So, while it's not the first time this team has found success, this run is different than the rest and deserves to be treated as such.