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Draymond Green Calls Out Karl-Anthony Towns For His Trash Talk: "At Some Point, You Should Probably Just Be Yourself."

Karl-Anthony Towns

On the latest installment of 'The Draymond Green Show,' the 3x Champion gave some words of wisdom to Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns.

In response to all the trash talk and showboating Towns has been partaking in lately, Draymond appealed to the youngster to slow down on all the noise and just be himself both on the court and off.

"Minnesota is up 4-1 and yet they're down 3-2. It's absolutely incredible how those guys have put themselves in a position where they should have already won 4 out of 5 games. Somehow, they've managed to only win two of them. It seems to go wrong every time Towns say something on the mic or he tells people to shut up. At some point you probably should just be yourself because it hasn't been going right for him when he does that. I've never known Karl Towns to be such a big talker. This year, especially as of the last few months, it's been a lot of that. When you talk like that, you got to back that up, and Memphis ain't hearing it."

Towns may not have talked much in the past, but something changed this season. In one of his most famous moments, Towns joined Patrick Beverley in mocking Russell Westbrook's airball in the middle of a game.

Towns also did some talking during Game 3 against Memphis, when he spoke about being in "his house" right before his team blew a 20+ point lead.

"Yeah, we in Minnesota now," Towns said. "Like I said to the media, we gotta come back to our house now. I have only seen them in their house."

For whatever reason, Towns has gotten really loud this season. The rise of his Timberwolves appears to have jolted his confidence to astronomical levels.

In Game 6 on Friday night, we'll see just how far he's able to lift his team and if he's able to back up all the talking he's been doing with some dominant play on the court.

No doubt, Draymond will be watching.