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Draymond Green, CJ McCollum Defend Jimmy Butler After Successful Season With Miami

Draymond Green, CJ McCollum Defend Jimmy Butler After Successful Season With Miami

Jimmy Butler hasn't had the easiest career in the NBA but it appears like he's found his place in the world in Miami, where the Heat have welcomed him with open arms, embracing Jimmy's personality while the player enjoys the culture in South Beach. Right now the Heat are one game away from making it to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2014 and Butler has played a major role in the team's success.

Butler has become the leader of the team, a different type of star who is more worried about helping his teammates get better than filling the sheets, no wonder the Heat are so great at this moment. During his last two stints with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers, rumors saw the light suggesting Butler wasn't a good teammate and that caused some troubles within these teams.

Well, now that the Heat are playing like they're playing, two other stars came in Jimmy's defense, remembering everybody that they thought Butler was a bad teammate. The swingman pulled up to the Heat's Thursday practice wearing Tyler Herro's high school jersey, an incredible gesture by him.

CJ McCollum and Draymond Green were quick to remember those times when Jimmy was seen as a bad teammate around the league.

Green explained that Butler's desire to win was something that not everybody in the league understood until he landed in Miami. After that day, everything changed for him and the team, who are now one victory from making the Finals.

As stated before, he found his place in the world and it doesn't seem like he will leaving the Heat anytime soon.