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Draymond Green Claims Evan Mobley Will Be An All-Star And The Most Improved Player Next Season

Evan Mobley

Evan Mobley has been one of the best rookies in the league this season, and many have him as their pick for the Rookie of the Year award. He is viewed as one of the best defensive bigs in the game already, and he has been part of a surging Cavaliers squad that is 6th in the Eastern Conference. Currently, Evan Mobley is averaging 14.5 PPG, 8.0 RPG, and 2.5 APG, while shooting 49.7% from the field.

There is no doubt that Evan Mobley is a fantastic player and prospect, and many are very high on his potential. One of those people is Warriors forward Draymond Green, who claimed that Evan Mobley would be the Most Improved Player as well as an All-Star next season.

Mobley will be most improved and an ALL-STAR next year.

It remains to be seen if Evan Mobley will in fact make Draymond Green's prediction become a reality. However, he definitely has the talent and ability to make that happen, and he could be an elite two-way big sooner rather than later. Lakers star Anthony Davis once even likened Mobley to himself.

He’s probably the same size I was coming into the league. Pretty skinny. Elite shot-blocker. Lob threat. Kind of has some of the same things I had when I was coming into the league. But probably shot it a little bit better than me.

His game is going to progress. He’s going to keep getting better and better. You see the potential to be a three-level scorer, watching film on him a little before the game. I seen him shoot the 3. He hit one tonight. I seen him hit the midrange and floaters. He’d go to the post a lot in the game I’ve watched. He has the potential to be very good. It takes time. But I don’t really compare myself to anybody.

Evan Mobley's goal will now be to help the Cleveland Cavaliers retain a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, and avoid the play-in tournament, Mobley will likely need to step up even further with the recent news of Jarrett Allen's finger injury.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have an exciting young team that could potentially make some noise in the playoffs. It will be interesting to see how they do, and Evan Mobley will be key to their postseason performance.