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Draymond Green Describes LeBron James Playoffs Absence A "Mindf**k"

Lakers Teammates Confront LeBron James About His Poor Body Language

It’s been an outstanding playoffs series so far, although it certainly feels just a little weird, the one thing that is missing right now is LeBron James.

Year after year, LeBron James has been right there in the postseason action, everyone thought this would be no different when the four-time MVP winner joined the Los Angeles Lakers in the last off-season. Unfortunately for LeBron, they’ve missed out on the playoffs’ series with a disappointing record of 37-45.

In a recent article from the Bleacher Report, a range of players across the league were asked what it's been like to not have LeBron James in the playoffs and many of their responses were quite intriguing. One of LeBron’s great rivals, Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green had a particularly strong feeling about his absence, especially considering the history between the two with the sides meeting up in the Finals four years in a row.

"It's just weird," Green said. "More as a basketball fan than anything: 'Damn, Bron not there.' It's super weird. You always relish the opportunity to play against a talent like that."

While LeBron James is out, Draymond Green has been having yet another really strong postseason. The Warriors will face off against either the Toronto Raptors or the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2019 NBA Finals. According to Green, he’s going to find it very weird to be playing in a Finals series where he isn’t guarding LeBron.

"It's just weird to look over there to know that you're going to play someone completely different," Green said. "It's kind of a mindf*ck."