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Draymond Green Explains How He Fixed His Relationship With Durant



The biggest story of the season for Golden State has been the dynamic between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green who, after getting into an extremely heated exchange at the beginning of the season, made headlines for their apparent deteriorating relationship.

Months later, with the team surging and the noise quieting, Draymond explained to The Atletic how he and Durant were able to reconcile from the very people that said it would be the end.

"It's incredible," Green told The Athletic. "I be needing that sometimes, for people to say, ‘He's done. The run is over.' That's amazing. I appreciate those people. Those people are the reason I am where I am today. Keep talking that sh-t. They just make me better. If they were smart they'd just shut the hell up. It's so many people that want to see you fail. Stay true to that. Want to see me fail. But they've go to know their personnel. You can't talk shit about a motherf---- that feed off that. If you know your personnel, you'd stay silent, pray on the downfall."

According to The Athletic, Durant told Green he was not going to accept the emotional excuse that Green had originally put forth. He said that the thoughts that made him "learn about himself by seeing things that go on and seeing what he can get through" were included as part of challenges that have made him stronger and appreciates Durant for not taking it easy on him.

"It's very rare," Green said.. "Obviously, we had a good relationship and then to go through something like we went through and still come out of that with a great relationship, that's special. Those are the relationships you have for life. My deepest relationships that I have is, like, with people that I went through sh-t with. It could've been a bad argument. It could've been ready to go to blows. Those are my best relationships because you go through something and then you come out on the other side and y'all are tighter and better for it. Those are the special relationships."

While they are still a ways off from recovering completely, the conversation definitely sparked a renewed and repaired dynamic between the two stars. And it has shown on the court, where the Warriors have regained the dominance they have displayed these past three years.

No matter what happens this summer, Draymond Green will not be a part of the reason anybody leaves. Because as hot-headed as he can be sometimes, he is just as willing to sit down and talk.