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Draymond Green Gets Back At Celtics Fans With Cruel Fathers Day Message: "Getting Ready For Game 7 Tonight..."

Draymond Green

As one of the biggest trash talkers in the game, we all knew that Draymond Green wasn't going to take it easy on Celtics fans this summer. 

On Father's Day morning (days following Game 6 of the Finals) Draymond took his latest jab at Celtics nation, teasing about preparing for a Game 7 that (obviously) isn't necessary.

Draymond has been among the loudest Warriors players, and it's for good reason. All season long, and throughout the playoffs, fans and 'experts' have debated about Green's value to the team. In the end, and amid struggles on the court, he proved to be valuable enough to help the Warriors win.

Green is now a 4x champion and also one of the most accomplished players the league has ever seen.

“This journey wouldn’t be the same without those two guys for me, and Andre as well,” Green said about Curry and Thompson. "I couldn’t imagine sharing this journey with anyone else. We’ve always said, we’ve built this thing from the ground up. Our bond, it stretches far past what we’ve accomplished on the basketball court. Those bonds will last forever. We’re linked and connected together forever. So, to know that we’ve been on this journey together now for ten years, it’s such a special thing.”

With another championship in the books, Draymond and the Warriors proved they are not dead yet. They will keep fighting and competing until they can't anymore -- but something says that day won't come for a while.

Even when the "big three" goes down, the Warriors will still have an abundance of young stars ready to take the reigns. The truth is, the future is bright for Dub Nation and there's a lot they have to look forward to in the months and years ahead.