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Draymond Green Goes Off On Kevin Durant And How He Handled Free Agency

Draymond Green Goes Off On Kevin Durant And How He Handled Free Agency

Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green still has a lot to say about his former teammate Kevin Durant and how the latter managed things during his last year with the Dubs. Following the premiere of Michael Jordan’s documentary ‘The Last Dance’, Draymond felt it was a good moment to let people know what he thinks about KD and his impending free agency last season.

Draymond appeared on Uninterrupted's "WRTS: The After Party", where he talked about Durant and how the way he managed his free agency create more trouble than benefits for the Warriors. He compared the Warriors situation to the Bulls in 1997/98 when everybody knew that was the last year that the current roster and the coaching staff were going to be part of the team.

He said because of that there was a big elephant in the room that made people uncomfortable and didn’t help the organization in any way.

"Because, what should have happened was Kevin come out and say, hey, like 'This is it, so let's do this.' Or 'This isn't it,' you know what I'm saying," Green told Maverick Carter and Paul Rivera. "But you can't just leave the elephant in the room, because what happened is the question came to us everyday. Every time we spoke to the media, Klay [Thompson] and myself was asked about our contracts and it was strictly due to Kevin, because while that was going on, Klay was saying 'I want to be a Warrior forever. Like, I want to be here, we started this thing. This is where I want to be.' I'm saying I want to be here for my career, we started this, we built this, I want to finish my career here with the guys I started it with.

"And then you kinda had Kevin 'I don't know what I'm going to do next year.' And it don't matter, but it does because you're not the only person that has to answer that question. And to be quite frank with you, you're honestly the last person that has to answer that question because you don't really say s--t, you don't say much to the media, if anything, you tell them to 'Shut the f---k up.' Well, I don't tell them to 'Shut the f--k up.' I kind of have a conversation. So I'm stuck answering that question all the time."

"And due to that, there was always an elephant in the room amongst us as opposed to them. [The Bulls] didn't have that elephant."

Durant spent three years with the Warriors, making three consecutive trips to the Finals, winning two championships and two Finals MVP. The first year he spent there was terrific, but things changed during his second season in the Bay. He signed 1+1 contracts with the Dubs and even though he didn’t feel happy in San Francisco after the first title, he decided to remain with the team.

Everything took a different dimension last season after the infamous incident he had with Green. That was the moment when people knew there were little chances for him to return to the Warriors.

Still, Durant couldn’t publicly state he was leaving the Warriors after the 2019/20 season. However, the way he managed his free agency and the pressure and all the questions that left for the people within the organization were big.

In the end, he decided to join the Brooklyn Nets to team up with Kyrie Irving, leaving the Warriors and their fans with more doubts than certainties about KD’s tenure at the Oracle Arena.