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Draymond Green: I Don't Want To Have 'Kawhi Emotions'

Draymond Green: I Don't Want To Have 'Kawhi Emotions'

Draymond Green, always controversial has made some statements that reminded us why he is who he is in the NBA right now. Prior to the second game of this year’s NBA Finals, Draymond talked with the media and took some time to seemingly throw shade towards Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard.

Talking about the way the former San Antonio Spurs players handles himself inside and outside the court, Green said he has no interest being like the 2014 Finals MVP.

Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green wears his emotions on his sleeve. It’s the exact opposite of what Toronto Raptors superstar small forward Kawhi Leonard does. Both stars see and play the game differently and Green says that’s what’s great about the NBA.

When asked by a reporter Saturday if he wishes he could play as even-keeled as Leonard, Green said: “absolutely not.”

It is well known that both their personalities contrast from one another, as Leonard is that quiet guy who hardly ever speaks but becomes a total killer when the game starts. As for Green, his eccentric personality inside and outside the court made him the player he’s right now in the league and even though he’s tried to stop all the attitudes that can hurt his team, Draymond is always going to be Draymond.

Green and Leonard will clash again on the hardwood this Sunday night in Toronto for the second game of the Finals with the Raptors up 1-0 in the series.