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Draymond Green: "I Think There's No Question That I'll Be Defensive Player Of The Year. There's No Defender Better Than Me. So There You Have It."

Credit_ USATSI

Credit_ USATSI

Draymond Green isn't shy to express his aspirations in the NBA for the future and he has revealed what he expects to achieve this campaign with the Golden State Warriors, who just beat the leading team in the Western Conference, 131-119 at the Chase Center, ranking 9th in the conference after that important win.

The victory sparked something inside the team, especially Draymond, who didn't hide his expectations for this season, claiming he's ready to lead this team to the postseason and take home one of the biggest individual awards of the association. Green's return has made a big impact on the Dubs and they expect to continue the good pace and he expects to keep having a big impact on his team.

Moreover, he made the case for himself as the Defensive Player of the Year while explaining what the Warriors need to do to improve their position on the standings and make it to the big party.

"We gotta win more games. We win more games, climb the standings, I think there's no question that I'll be Defensive Player of the Year. There's no defender better than me. So there you have it."

Right now he's averaging 5.9 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 8.4 assists for the Dubs. He has stated his desire to become a Hall of Famer once his career is over and Steve Kerr backed that up, but now Dray is focused on helping his team and take home that award he already won in 2017.